Preconceptions and Being a Woman

Preconceptions and Being a Woman

I recently saw a very funny video on YouTube. And no, for once it was not a cat! It was an interview conducted by Cosmopolitan UK with Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo while they were promoting The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Essentially, the journalist just flipped the stock sexist questions 180 degrees and asked Mr Ruffalo about his diet and what designers clothes he was wearing to the premiere while Ms Johansson got asked about her workouts, preparation for the role and character development. Very, very funny and eye opening. Not least for Mr Ruffalo who is reduced at one point to turning to Ms Johansson to ask “Do they actually ask you that?”

The very blatant point being made was about double standards and how male actors are judged primarily on their performance and the effort they put in, while female actors (whatever happened to actress? How is being a female derogatory?) are assessed almost entirely on their looks and what they wear. Just like a girl who escorts Ibiza visitors. Fair enough; though a journalist calling out “the media” seems a little strange. Is Cosmopolitan not part of the mdeia then? Conde Nast, which includes Vogue in its stable has nothing to do with setting the standards by which actresses and every other female are then judged? Hmmm…

It also occurred to me that the same sloppy double standards and clichéd preconceptions are applied by journalists to other females; escorts, hookers, sex workers, prostitutes. But that is OK because they are presented as the victims, which means that being inaccurate is OK…?

I shared this video and my thoughts with a few of my friends who work as escorts with escort agencies in Ibiza, including 2nd Circle Ibiza Escorts and Ibiza Beauties from the Ibiza escort agency. While they are not as world renowned or as commonly interviewed as the lovely Ms Johansson, their careers are based in very large part on their sexy physiques, beautiful faces and sheer sex appeal. Especially as those qualities are communicated to potential clients primarily through photos on websites.

They found it as funny as I did, and especially enjoyed the look of incredulity as The Hulk began to appreciate the amount of crap that his female colleagues have to put up with to promote their movies and careers.

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