Hiring an Escort Girl in Chelsea: Places to Go

Hiring an Escort Girl in Chelsea: Places to Go

Kings Road Shopping

Every girl loves to browse around the shops and the Kings Road in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is made for it. You might even wish to wander in to one of the swanky boutiques and buy your escort girl a pair of Japanese socks or French underwear!

It is a safe bet to say that wandering around Chelsea is nice and peaceful, and there is everywhere a sense of sedation. This might not be to everyone’s taste: the laid back atmosphere and opulent apartments may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so a quick stroll down to the Big Easy Bar might just be the ticket for you and your escort.

The Big Easy Bar

The Big Easy Bar is still on the Kings Road and features an outdoor barbeque area and a lobster shack. You can buy alcoholic cocktails, shots, prosecco and exotic shakes while munching on a barbeque rack of ribs with French fries. It is a sticky and messy experience but can be very romantic and a tasty way to spend an afternoon with an escort. If you wish to enjoy a bit of live music and dancing then head down into the basement area to see which bands are performing for a guaranteed good time with your other half for the night.

The Phene

If a night out with barbeque food and live music is perhaps a little too lively for your taste, then you should take your escort in Chelsea just off the Kings Road to a gastro bar called The Phene.  It has been a pub since the middle of the 19th century but only in the last decade has it transformed to a swanky bar selling food and entertaining Hooray Henrys and a Hip-Hip Henrietta or two. You shouldn’t be surprised to encounter the odd celebrity or reality television star in here and they still sell a delightful pint of real ale and a basket of quail’s eggs to scoff on up on the delightful evening terrace bar.

Chelsea Farmers Market

If you are entertaining your escort girl during a sunny afternoon – as opposed to an evening appointment – then a stroll through the peaceful and sedate Chelsea Farmers Market is the place you really should be. It is located just off the Kings Road in a quiet area within Sydney Street and there are several restaurants and second hand novelty shops to wander around in too.

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