A Day Running Escort Agencies

A Day Running Escort Agencies

Most days are the same as any other day – you get up, exercise wash and dress and leave for work. Maybe pick up some breakfast on the way. Other days you get up, exercise, wash and dress and leave for work and head off for breakfast. But then you find that on the way to one of the restaurants you use – mix it up as habits can be deadly – you find yourself being followed by a pair of guys driving a yellow Hummer H2. I mean, seriously, for fucks sake, who tries to follow someone in yellow car, let alone a fucking Hummer.

As it happens I am pretty surveillance aware at all times anyway. But a blind guys dog is going to notice a three tonne banana following them without even leaving a space. If you are in the business of running escort agencies and representing the best Marbella escorts you always need to keep an eye open. But a huge off road military vehicle painted banana yellow is pretty damned hard to miss in your rear view mirror. In fact, it fills your mirror so that not only can you not miss it, it is hard to seen anything else. It kind of stands out.

Even in somewhere like Marbella in August where the streets are filled with mirror finish Lamborghinis and metallic purple Rolls Royces. Apart from Prince, who could get away with it, who the hell would do that to a Rolls Royce? And the cars are filled with smug looking guys and their Marbella escorts who are both preening and enjoying the people watching them.

Even there, the banana stodd out like, well, a three tonne banana.

They had picked me up as I came off the main A7 highway toward Puerto Banus and onto the maze of roundabouts that make the place a nightmare to follow someone unless you are very good, low key and working with a team of at least three cars to keep switching. Throw in an occasional stop and job done. That will flush ninety per cent of surveillance. Unless they are very good.

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